Artist Singh has several World Records

Now you can buy a piece my world records on my website:

Worlds Longest Painting

Artist Singh World Records

Worlds Longest Drawing

Artist Singh World Records

Worlds Largest easel

Artist Singh World Records

Worlds largest Sculpture (Cardboard)

Artist Singh World Records

Largest Oil Painting


Fastest painter in the world

Artist Singh World Records

Artist SinGh

About the Artist

Artist Singh is a renowned artist, inventor of LatroArt, TV producer, holder of several world records, author of upcoming book “My Experiments with Art”, and founder of Artist Singh Academy that provides world’s most comprehensive art marketing training and personal development programs for the artists.

Ways of Reading My Art

Artist SinGh creates worlds of color and contemplation. Artist SinGh uses form, color, line, texture, pattern, composition and process to present ideas and evoke emotions in a poetic, nonlinear fashion. As per him an abstract painting can be about any one or combination of these elements.

Art that is celebrated are those that break mental, social and emotional boundaries. That’s the difference between decorative and fine art and fine art is what sells for a million dollars.

With a basic idea of the history of art, you can apply a method to every painting you see—so when you’re faced with a “what the heck am I looking at” piece, you’ll know where to begin.

When looking at any artwork, most people’s first question tends to be “What is this about?” That’s a good place to start, but it won’t take you very far when looking at an abstract work for example—unless you’re willing to think more creatively. With abstract painting, the piece can be “about” the paint on the canvas, as with Abstract Expressionism; it can be “about” the process of painting for an artist personally; it can even be about the meaning of abstract art itself! Does the painting convey a mood-state or atmosphere, like an Expressionist painting? What does it prompt you to think about? Are you confronted with a particular color or shape? How does what you’re looking at make you feel? These are all sure-fire points of excavation: begin with asking yourself these kinds of questions and you’ll find the answers a lot less mysterious.

Artist SinGh in his own words

Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting my website. My parents told me to be yourself and do your best. Take care of your family and friends. Treat people with respect. Follow your dreams. So I did.

And of course I paid the price…First, I was a starving artist, and nothing came in this package other than losing relationships, friends and family. Second, I was able to forge my path to receive life’s golden ticket—success through struggle. The lessons I learned made me a millionaire and I was able to pay my debt and cut my losses.

People see my videos and read my books, and I hear the chatter in the art industry. “This kid came out of nowhere,” they say.

The real story is very simple; I grew from a starving artist to an art millionaire.  I wake up every day feeling blessed for many second chances, for this moment, for one more day on heavenly earth where I get to earn and really live with art and try to make a difference.

The true story is that I have studied art, psychology, leadership, development and change, art business, and I have been high performing artist for 20 years. Produced over 35000 art works.  Read books (a book a week).  I have practiced the great masters. Trained many students all over the world and sold painting to world class clients and art lovers.  From the very beginning I have had amazing energy to try new things. I have been blessed to do some unbelievable experiments just to make a painting. Be it, burying myself alive, jumping off of a 100 foot tall pole, hanging myself with a noose, or jumping out from a plane. As crazy as these feats may sound they require discipline. The inner most physical pain, the conceptual challenges, the transcendent experience has completed me as a person. The praise and accolades are appreciated but I am just a guy, searching and working to live life at its best.

The untold story is that I’m human, I have made mistakes, I have tried plenty of garbage, risked my life many times even then nobody wanted to buy my work, and I sucked at marketing bigtime, bombed at promotions, and failed and failed and joyously failed on my path of making a living doing art full time. The path to mastery is forged with struggle.

The best story is a broader story. The story of empowering others and sharing what I have learned about art, art marketing, and personal development for the artists.  It’s the story of the remarkable people with whom I got to share my experiences and strengthened them to follow their dreams. If all I have done is inspired and shared with others my creation and experiences via my video, books, classes. But it’s not all about me…my students are the real heroes who had the guts to share their stories and make their own differences. –Artist Singh